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Live Dealers in Online Casinos is one of the biggest growth areas in the market. Our Favorite is Casino Web cam.

CoolCat Casino - Play with Live Dealers, the Internet’s first casino where you can see — and hear — the dealers!

Seeing is believing! is the Internet’s first casino where you can see — and hear — the dealers! Using real time video streaming, features live dealers dealing cards and rolling dice. Your results are truly random — not generated by a computer program. Of course another benefit of the live dealer environment is the ability to interact with the dealer/croupier as you play the game, adding a realism and human element to the platform that RNG games simply cannot provide.

When you play certain games online you can play in one of two ways: you can play against your computer (think of video poker, for instance) or you can play against real people (like in live poker rooms). When you play blackjack online you have those two options, too. You can play quick, easy blackjack against your computer, or you can sit at a simulated blackjack table and play against a liver dealer. This last type of blackjack is about as close to land-based blackjack as you can get and it's way more exciting than any other type of blackjack available online. Live dealer casinos use the very best graphics and sounds so that you really feel like you're up against a real dealer in a real casino.

When you play online slots, on the other hand, there's no live anything. Nonetheless, you still get the very best that graphic artists have to offer. Online slots are the same as the video slots you play in a real casino, only better. There are way more online slots games to choose from in Internet casinos than in land-based casinos; the choices are almost limitless. The people behind online slots are working overtime to bring you new games almost every week and that means you'll never get bored or tired of the "same old, same old'' when you play online slots.

Online video slots are available in downloadable versions or, if you prefer, you can play them in no download casinos (which are also known as flash sites). A flash slot is an online slot machine that you can play in a jiffy, without downloading or having to install anything on your computer. No download casinos allow you to play right off your screen, either for free or for real money. If you're not playing on your own computer, you don't want to install a game on someone else's hard disk. Playing no-download games means not leaving a trace while at the same time not sacrificing quality or game choice. Flash games are the best of all worlds.

Why not give bingo a go and have fun chatting in the live bingo community.

Live Dealers are growing in popularity. The addition of a live dealer to table games takes the online casino experience and makes it feel more genuine. If you don’t have the time to get out there and make a trip to a land based casino or you’re unable to for any reason, you can still feel like you’re placing your bets in a live action environment. One thing you’ll notice is that the majority of these dealers are women. All the marketing materials seem to be geared toward men. Men may have once dominated the gambling arena but more women are gambling in this ever changing market. The live dealer concept is fairly new and yet it’s already evolving with the ability to now hear and see the dealer. When it was first introduced there was no audio. This is proof that people love to gamble and the industry will continue to grow beyond your imagination. Five years ago would you have believed in a concept as amazing as live dealers?

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